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The first solution combining the State-of-the-Art in Human Factors and Flight Data Analysis.

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The first solution combining the State-of-the-Art in Human Factors and Flight Data Analysis.

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Our Vision


Each field of activity in the Aviation Industry is concerned by the following issue: From Design and Certification to Flight Operation including Pilot Training, there is a need of objectifying pilots performances and behaviors.

Moreover, a Unified Approach of Human Factors would be a strong lever for Flight Safety improvement.

At Hinfact, we believe that the Aviation Industry requires an intelligence and methods sharing between these 3 fields of activity. Our vision is to offer innovative tools that enables this common strategy towards shared competencies and expertise.

Our Technology

Hinfact combines 17-years of research in Human Factors and Neuroergonomics with strong expertise in Aircraft Engineering to drive key performance indicators of pilots activity

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Knowledge Dataplace

Groundbreaking method to edit, capture, share, capitalize and use expertise and bring the "Best Experts" with all HinSight Users.

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Flight Data Analysis

We make use of a strong background in Flight Data Analysis to contextualize physiological data and enhance the human factors studies.

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Human Factors

State-of-the-Art metrics and methods are used to better understand interactions between Pilots and Aircraft's systems.

The future of pilot training


Are you ready for EBT ?

Improve Training performance with data and support Competency Training Management philosophy:

HinSight is a end-to-end solution allowing Training Design, Smart Support for instructors during Flight Simulator’s training sessions. After each session, training data are feeding the HinSight’s Analytics tool in order to understand trends in training operations, and adapt/optimize training programs. 

The raise of Human-centric Design and Research


The first way to objectify Pilot’s behavior

Hinsight Design & Research allows to prepare, conduct and analyze the Human Factors studies led during Human-Machine Interface design, development and tests.

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