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The first way to objectify Pilot’s behavior

Hinsight Research & Design allows to prepare, conduct and analyze the Human Factors studies.

Groupe 366

Tablet app combining eye-tracking
and flight simulator’s data


Reaction time and procedures automatic follow-up

Factual Human Factors metrics

(drowsiness, attention level, tunneling, stress…)

Real-time analytics and post-study reports

Notes taking and manual bookmarks

Groupe 367

The software to prepare and analyze all the data from studies database

CREATOR – Rules management system to define the rules to push into the HinSight App

  • Experiments preparation
  • Creation of good practices rules (piloting and monitoring skills) to follow-up
  • Definition of rules for the different Human Factors metrics

ANALYTICS – Fully adaptable analytics tool

  • Multiple dashboards creation and sharing
  • Analytics of all events raised during studies
  • Automatic reports for certification proofs

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The essential tool to save time & money and drastically improve the Human Factors objectivation

Design & Certification Engineers

Automatically provides objective reports as deliverables for aircrafts/cockpits/ procedures certification:
  • Objective insights: Flight path management, flight parameters monitoring, procedures completion, mental states evolution
  • Automatic reporting of studies (in-flight or in simulators) based on standards rules
  • Big data analysis

Human Factors Researchers

Focus on what matters during and after the evaluation session:
  • Define all the rules and procedures you need to your study in the simulators
  • State-of-the-art Human Factors metrics
  • Create, use and share your data analytics dashboards

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